#VagUp! Art Gallery

Welcome one and all to #VagUp!’s Art Gallery! A place for victims to express themselves through their personal artwork! All artwork is COPYRIGHTED to the artist who created it – please DO NOT take or copy ANY artwork from here! We are very honored that these survivors have shared their amazing and profoundly personal artwork with us!

Please be forewarned that some of these pictures may be graphic in nature. This page is highly recommended for those 18 and older! 

To post your original artwork please fill out your name, email, and the URL of your artwork along with any applicable content warnings you feel it may need. Thank you so very much for sharing your artwork with us and for your bravery in speaking out and up! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We here in the #VagUp! Community are standing with and for you!

Eventually you’ll be able to just post your artwork in a much easier format! Please bear with us as we work on updating our site! Thank you so very much!

Thank you so very much!
Jessica M. Kandal, PhD