#VagUp! – A Call To The Public To Join With Us & Take Action!

#VagUp! calls upon the nation to join with us to take a stand! Add your voice to ours and let’s transform a murmur into a ROAR! Let’s make 2020 an incredible year for change! Be sure to look for us in your hometowns and cities this year! We’re making the rounds in person and will be at as many PRIDE & International Women’s Day events as possible! Also remember to keep your calendars free for the end of August! We’ll be having an all day music festival in Seattle, WA! More details along with a list of bands and performers coming soon!

Able & up to helping us out more? THAT’S AWESOME! You can help #VagUp! get this message out even further through a very small, tax deductible donation through PayPal either within this post – which will allow you to give as much as you’d like or just past the comments section – again with PayPal that’s set for a $10 donation. REMEMBER! EVERY $1 YOU DONATE SAVES A LIFE! SERIOUSLY!!! And Thank You So Very Much For Your Support!

Join #VagUp! today in the fight to change old, antiquated, outdated and useless sentencing laws regarding Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Rape, & Violent Crimes Against Children SO THE PUNISHMENTS ACTUALLY FIT THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY¹!!!

#VagUp! is actively working with federal, state, & local government representatives & lawmakers as well as law enforcement agencies, health care professionals, school officials & community leaders to help shine a very strong, bright light on these issues so we can change the current statutes & sentencing guidelines to enable district attorneys, judges, & jury’s the ability to not only hand down appropriate sentences but also bring a sense of justice & safety & wellbeing to the Victims of these crimes!

But the truth of the matter is not whether or not we can bring awareness about these issues to the above stated people – because we are! BUT IT’S THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT JOIN WITH US, AS ONE VOICE, GROWING EVER LOUDER, TO DEMAND THAT AWARENESS & CHANGE REALLY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE! So, Raise Your Voice With Ours! Demand Change Today! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! It’s time to make a change AND Put A Stop To These Crimes Against Humanity Forever!!

Things you & your local communities can do together from a grassroots level:

  • Hold your representatives & justice departments accountable!;

  • Educate your local law enforcement agencies, school officials, & health care professionals on how to better handle Victims with the respect, dignity, & compassion they so desperately need & it will also encourage more people to come forward;

  • Raise awareness through the posting of fliers & handing out brochures with local crisis & shelter hotlines;

  • Holding monthly community meetings & inviting local leaders & law enforcement to them to answer questions & concerns;

  • Using social media apps to “go live” at these community meetings so others can not only get involved, but people in other communities can set up their own meetings, &;

  • Network with other communities & organizations like #VagUp! to keep up to date on the changes that we’re all trying to achieve!

Thank You So Very Much For Your Support!

Jessica M. Kandal, PhD

Founder/CEO #VagUp!

#VagUp! #No_Means_No #Stop_Means_Stop #End_Hook_Up_Cultue #End_Domestic_Violence #Stop_Victim_Blaming #Stop_Victim_Shaming

¹ – The tagline “Crimes Against Humanity” was first widely used, in this particular fight for justice for victims, by former President, Jimmy Carter’s campaign & TED Talks against Domestic Violence and crimes committed against Women and Children.

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