Signs You’re Dating or Married To An Abuser – aka “The Loser” By Joseph M. Carver, Ph.D., Psychologist

I can not stress the importance of this article by the preeminent Psychologist, Joseph M. Carver, Ph.D.! PLEASE read it as OBJECTIVELY AS POSSIBLE and if at some point you find yourself making an excuse or exception for someone you're in a relationship with, STOP! Because you should NEVER have to make an EXCUSE or [...]

Jackson Katz – TEDtalk “Violence against women — it’s a men’s issue” Transcript

Mr.Katz really touches the heart of the matter of why #VagUp! says in it's own slogan "Supporting & Empowering VICTIMS - We recognize that when it comes to these vitally important issues of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, & Rape, it effects ALL GENDERS, SEXUAL IDENTITY, & CULTURAL IDENTITIES. In short, THEY ARE HUMAN ISSUES!! To [...]

#VagUp! – A Call To The Public To Join With Us & Take Action!

#VagUp! calls upon the nation to join with us to take a stand! Add your voice to ours and let's transform a murmur into a ROAR! Let's make 2020 an incredible year for change! Be sure to look for us in your hometowns and cities this year! We're making the rounds in person and will [...]

Jimmy Carter’s TED Talk about how the mistreatment of Women is the #1 human rights violation!

For years now former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has been at the forefront talking about the mistreatment and sexual violence perpetrated against women and how he considers it not only the worst crimes against humanity but the #1 Human Rights Violation - PERIOD! It's why we included his poster in our banner. That being said, [...]