#VagUp! – A Call To The Public To Join With Us & Take Action!

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#VagUp! calls upon the nation to join with us to take a stand! Add your voice to ours and let’s transform a murmur into a ROAR! Up to helping more? AWESOME! You can help #VagUp! get this message out even further through a very small, tax deductible donation through PayPal past the comments section of this post.

Join #VagUp! today in the fight to change old, antiquated, outdated and useless sentencing laws regarding Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Rape, & Violent Crimes Against Children SO THE PUNISHMENTS ACTUALLY FIT THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY¹!!!

#VagUp! is actively working with federal, state, & local government representatives & lawmakers as well as law enforcement agencies, health care professionals, school officials & community leaders to help shine a very strong, bright light on these issues so we can change the current statutes & sentencing guidelines to enable district attorneys, judges, & jury’s the ability to not only hand down appropriate sentences but also bring a sense of justice & safety & wellbeing to the Victims of these crimes!

But the truth of the matter is not whether or not we can bring awareness about these issues to the above stated people – because we are! BUT IT’S THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT JOIN WITH US, AS ONE VOICE, GROWING EVER LOUDER, TO DEMAND THAT AWARENESS & CHANGE REALLY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE! So, Raise Your Voice With Ours! Demand Change Today! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! It’s time to make a change AND Put A Stop To These Crimes Against Humanity Forever!!

Things you & your local communities can do together from a grassroots level:

  • Hold your representatives & justice departments accountable!;

  • Educate your local law enforcement agencies, school officials, & health care professionals on how to better handle Victims with the respect, dignity, & compassion they so desperately need & it will also encourage more people to come forward;

  • Raise awareness through the posting of fliers & handing out brochures with local crisis & shelter hotlines;

  • Holding monthly community meetings & inviting local leaders & law enforcement to them to answer questions & concerns;

  • Using social media apps to “go live” at these community meetings so others can not only get involved, but people in other communities can set up their own meetings, &;

  • Network with other communities & organizations like #VagUp! to keep up to date on the changes that we’re all trying to achieve!

Thank You So Very Much For Your Support!

Jessica M. Kandal, PhD

Founder/CEO #VagUp!

#VagUp! #No_Means_No #Stop_Means_Stop #End_Hook_Up_Cultue #End_Domestic_Violence #Stop_Victim_Blaming #Stop_Victim_Shaming

¹ – The tagline “Crimes Against Humanity” was first widely used, in this particular fight for justice for victims, by former President, Jimmy Carter’s campaign & TED Talks against Domestic Violence and crimes committed against Women and Children.